«Busy evolving in the painter’s universe ever since my childhood, I watched my father play with brushes and colors. Unwittingly, he passed on to me this great passion for art.»

Julie Lemire recently emerged of the multimedia world after several years of work excellence. She now conjures up painting by integrating in her creative process all the experience acquired since 1998, whilst always adding a more personal artistic expression to her work. “This inevitable return to my roots, to this known world that once cradled my childhood, is such a motivating and fantastic source of creativity”

The human being is at the epicenter of her research. It fuels the artist’s interest to transpose on the canvas a feeling, to depict a mood or a soul searching moment. “Considering the magnitude of the subject, one should not neglect the environment that frames it, and which highlights all the atmosphere that reigns in the piece. The scene becomes as important as the actor.”

The first stage of its creative process is exploratory, examining forms, colors and textures in a more abstract visual design in order to create a “rich” terrain for its subjects.

On the second stage, the collage of Japanese paper intervenes nourishing the imagination of the artist to create an amalgam of characters in a surreal universe. This juxtaposition of patterns and colors brings this touch of sought after fantasy.

A real need to explore both the environment and the character becomes the motor of this quest that it proposes through an alloy of figurative and abstraction.

By doing so, it avoids the trap of an image too static, too figurative, too sharp. Julie Lemire seeks form as much as the background in her artistic adventure. It sometimes takes unexpected ways, capable of expressing both poetry and reflection of the soul, in a strong and dynamic simplicity.